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Ultra Professional™ Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate - 1 Gallon (Case of 4)


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Revitalize your bathrooms with Ultra Professional™ Bathroom Cleaner, a powerful concentrate designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results on tile, ceramic, glass, and chrome surfaces. This advanced formula effectively lifts and removes stubborn dirt, soap scum, and water stains, leaving your bathroom fixtures sparkling clean and looking like new.

Formulated for efficiency and economy, Ultra Professional™ Bathroom Cleaner should be diluted before use to ensure optimal performance. Use with a Dilution Center or follow the detailed instructions provided on the concentrate bottle for precise dilution ratios.

Ideal for commercial use, trust Ultra Professional™ Bathroom Cleaner to maintain a hygienic and pristine environment with every application. Elevate your cleaning routine and enjoy the fresh, revitalized appearance of your bathroom surfaces.