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Simply Fresh Spring Fresh Fabric Softener - 5 Gallons


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Ultra Fresh® Simply Fresh™ 1X Spring Fresh™ Fabric Softener comes in our signature huge five gallon buckets. When you buy big you save big! That’s 640 ounces and each bucket does up to 320 loads! Simply Fresh™ freshens, softens, and reduces static cling in your washing machine. You can expect consistent quality from all the Ultra Fresh products. It’s the results you’re looking for at the price you need. A simple, affordable fabric softener you can depend on. Ultra Fresh® Simply Fresh™ is safe for use in all types of washing machines, including high efficiency (HE) washing machines at any water temperature-cold, warm or hot. It’s safe for machine washable fabrics, and septic systems when used as directed. These products contains no phosphates, nonylphenols, or fillers. It’s a great choice for those households on a tight budget.